Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My 7th Grade Year

May 28, 2013

My 7th Grade Year !!!!!!

 My video I did about my 7th Grade year is on you tube this is the link for my video 


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bloggging Challenge #8

Blogging Challenge 8 
 Ten things that I like 

    What are ten things that you like ? I have lots of things that I like. One things I like is stuff that have diamonds.(Bling) I like bling bling things because it gives the objects more a fancy look. Some things that I like to buy that have bling are phone cases, headphones, calculators, and hair accessories. Do you like to buy stuff that have bling on them
     Another thing that I like is traveling to places. Do you like to travel? I like to travel to places that I know and that it won't be a strange place for me. Do you like to go to places that you know? Some places I like to go is to Mexico, and Florida. I like Florida because its hot and not cold. I like Mexico because in the mornings its cold,but at the afternoon it gets really hot.  
  I also like to go to the "Movies"  with my friends. I like to go because you get to have fun with your friends and hang out. I also like the movies cause you can watch a movie nice and calm and with no noise compared to the house.  I also like to go the movies cause you get to buy popcorn and a drink. I also like the movies cause you sometimes get to see one of your friends. What I don't like about the movies is that sometimes the movies don't take long or that they don't have the movie you want to watch. 
    I also like to go to the park and play with my friends. I like the park cause you get to get fresh air. I also like it cause you get to meet new people there. I also like to go to the park cause you can go to the volleyball court. I also like it cause you don't get bored and you can go swimming after your done playing at the park. 
    I also like to her "Music". Do you like to hear music when you bored ? I like to hear music when I'm doing my homework, cleaning my room, stressed, and when I'm bored. I also like to hear music when I go to far away places in the car. What would you do if there was no music ? What I will do is go crazy and mad. I will go crazy because I would be bored and stressed with no music. 
    I also like to have Wifi. Do you like to have Wifi ? I like to have Wifi in every places I go. Every place I go The first thing I look for is Wifi.Do we need Wifi ? I think that we do in order to do our homework at home and to be able to do lots more. One thing that I don't like about Wifi is that sometimes it doesn't work right. What I also don't like is that the wifi goes slow sometimes. 
   Do you like shopping ? I like shopping because you get to find different cloths. I also like shopping because you sometimes find the cloth you like on clearance. I also like shopping because you sometimes find stuff that you need for a party, school, and dance. I like go shopping because I get to stretch and get new cloths. 
       I also like "Electronics" items. I also like electronics object because you can take them to places you go for example IPhone, IPod, and IPad. Some electronics I like is the IPhone ,IPod, IPad, and laptops. I also like electronics because you don't get bored with them you get entertained with them.

  Do you like Mexican Food ? There are lots of Mexican food that are really good. An example of one Mexican food is Pambazos. Pambazos are like hamburgers. What do Pambazos have in them? Well what they have in them are potatoes, cheese, and salsa. People give Pambazos in parties and in  carnivals and much more. 

   Do you like dolphins ? I LOVE dolphins. During the summer I like to go to the zoo with my family to go see the dolphins. Sometimes in the zoo you can feed them and I LOVE doing that.  Dolphins can be really nice and loud. Dolphins are mammals. Why? They are mammals cause they breath air like us and they have really tiny hair on them.  Dolphins can swim and there is different kinds of dolphins. I love all the types of different dolphins. They also do alot of tricks. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blogging Challenge 6

Blogging Challenge #6
 "Challenge- Digital Foot Prints"

When does your digital foot print start ?

                 Do you have a different personality when you are online?
(Facebook or Twitter) When I'm on Facebook or twitter I don't act different I use my normal personality. People who act different in Facebook or Twitter think that by acting that way they would be cool. I think the opposite I don't really care what people think I act who I am not somebody I'm not. I don't act different online just because I want to be cool like other people. I think that people who change their personality online or act different just acting like that to get more friends or to get popular. 
        Would someone who knows you in real life recognize you online? People who know me in real life WOULD be able to recognize me because I don't say stuff that I don't say in real life. I don't say bad words on status or comments etc. I do put status on Facebook, but I don't put bad stuff. I have noticed on Facebook that people comment on others status and say stuff that they don't say in real life. People who act cool on Facebook think that they are cool, but in reality people might hate them cause of the way they act online. Should people think twice before pushing that send button? What do you guys think? Leave a comment about your opinion !!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Blogging Challenge

Blogging Challenge
What could be the secret that is hidden in the Forest ?

Some things that I think might be the hidden secret are.....

1. A magical Tree house where they share there secrets.

2. A beautiful place full of animals and flowers. 

3. A beautiful Play ground where nobody get's injured.

4. A abandoned boat from long ago.

5.  A quick sand where the sand sinks you in the sand.

6. A lost house cabin

7. Shelters for people that camp. 

8.  A clean nice lake for the animals to drink

9. A lost treasure

10.  A nice and calm campfire place with no dangerous animals. 


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

  " Blogging Challenge "
Using Images In Posts

Check out My "Slideshow" for my blogging Challenge #4

Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogging Challenge
 Ten things you can use a sock full of holes.

         1. Board Eraser
      2. cleaning bath tub
      3. polish your shoes
      4. To clean the inside of a car
         5. dog toy 
      6.  cleaning car tires
      7.  Muppet
      8. cleaning glasses
      9.  drying dishes
         10To Hold mechanical objects


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blogging Challenge- Challenge Two

Blogging Challenge
Freedom Of Choice 
      What's your favorite kind of Music I actually Have plenty of different kind of music I like.  For example I like country, hip hop, rap a little, regaton. and bachata. Do you hear music when your depressed or sad or even both. Well I do all the time I really can't live without music at all. I hear music When I clean my bed, when I do my homework, when I get ready for school, when we go to a far away place, and when I do my hair I do lots of stuff with music. I even sometimes Sing along with it. I hear music to take a break out of homework, chores, other boring stuff.  Here is a website for you to go and search your music that you like and you can even download it for FREE !!  Isn't this website amazing For FREE!! The website Is called "Tune scoop" Just click on Tune scoop and it should take you right to the website. When you get to the website click on search and put in you song or artist.